Home Sellers Completion Guide

Once you accept an offer from the buyer, there are certain steps taken to finalize the transaction, close the sale and offer possession of your home.  I have devised a list of steps needed to be taken in order to ensure a problem free completion.

Moving Plan

Moving is a tedious process and even if you are well planned unexpected issues may arise.  Experts advise at least 2 months preparationto ensure a smoother transition to your new home.
  • Research estimates from numerous moving companies and reserve a date prior to the possession date.
  • Accumulate packing supplies as necessary if inadequate from the moving company.
  • Begin filtering through your belongings to determine what will be moved or disposed.
  • Become acquainted with your new neighborhood of residence and make necessary arrangements to investigate schools, parks, shopping areas, amenities and etc.
  • Start planning flights, hotels, rental cars if you are moving out of town.
  • If you are renting your present home make sure the terms in your rental agreement is satisfied by giving reasonable notice of termination.  Do not forget your deposit!
  • Contact your local post office for an address change. See Canada Post.
  • Contact utility providers of the date of your move.  See Home Services.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home prior to moving (if applicable).
  • Notify in advance of your arrival to your new home if is located in a Strata development for elevator reservation.
  • Notify your associates, companies and various institutions such as financial, medical and security of your anticipated move and change of address.
  • Make sure to properly supervise the entire moving process to protect your belongings.
Before vacating your home do a final tour and ensure:
  • The moving van has left leaving nothing behind.
  • Ensure any refrigeration units have been fully emptied, defrosted and cleaned.
  • Turn off all the lights, lock all doors & windows, and set your alarm if necessary.
  • Compile the necessary information along with the keys to be passed to your real estate professional to be given to the new owners.
Essential Documents

May be asked to provide a title search or other documents to prove clearance of title necessary for completion.

If you are selling your condominium there are several documents that may be asked to be shown pertaining to your home and the strata corporation.  Typically, the buyer has to approve these documents by a stated date in the Contract of Purchase & Sale.  Documents include:
  • Title search
  • Strata plan
  • Form B
  • Financial statements of the strata corporation
  • Property disclosure statement
  • Strata minutes
  • By-law specifications
Legal Representation

A lawyer or notary public of your choosing will be given a copy of the signed Contract of Purchase & Sale to assist in the completion of the sale. Meet with your lawyer or notary public prior to the completion date to review and sign the documents.

Date of Possession

There are a series of events that occur during this specified date between the buyer and you as follows:
  • Legal ownership of your home will be transferred to the buyer.
  • You will receive the cash proceeds from the buyers lawyer or notary public
  • Your lawyer or notary public will provide a statement of adjustments outlining costs payable at completion which includes legal fees, taxes and mortgage discharge (if applicable)  
Date of Adjustments

The adjustment date is determined in the Contract of Purchase & Sale and involves the buyer crediting you for prepaid expenses such as property taxes, strata fees, utilities, service contracts and etc. 

Date of Possession

This is the day you officially hand over the keys and any necessary information to the new Owner.