Tips To Showcase Your Home

A well maintained home is an attractive home and thus increases positive influence and appeal to potential buyers.  When your home is officially on the market it becomes a showcase home and it must sell itself.  I have compiled a list of considerations that will assist you in preparing your home for the market.

Exterior Impression

When the potential buyers first arrive to your home that initial "first impression" is critical.  You want to help create a sense of optimism before they are invited inside your home.  A great way to view your home is to stand across the street and compare it to surrounding properties.   Concentrate on the following areas:
  1. A well kept landscape includes a neatly trimmed green lawn, well shaped shrubs & hedges and weeded gardens.
  2. Ensure walk ways and surroundings are free from obstacles such as toys, tools, debris and potential hazards.
  3. Update and brighten the exterior structure by pressure washing, painting or both.
  4. Replace fixtures which are broken, discolored or rusted.
  5. Any noticeable exterior building deficiencies should be repaired.  
  6. Keep a clean, well organized, clutter free garage to showcase its maximum potential.
  7. If you have an outdoor pool or jacuzzi keep it clean and debris free.
  8. Patios should be kept clean and clear of personal belongings such as toys, tools and lawn furniture.
  9. Your front door and surrounding area should be particularly fresh and welcoming.
  10. Add personal charm with colors of flowers along the walk way or at the entrance.
Interior Impression

Once invited inside your home potential buyers become guests and you want to create an atmosphere that will allow them to feel like it can be their home.  Remember it is a showcase home. 
  1. Refresh your walls with a fresh coat of paint or even a touch up might be sufficient.  Light, neutral colors have the widest appeal range. 
  2. Ensure your home is relatively clutter free especially stairways, halls, play rooms and walls.
  3. Bathrooms should be kept sparkling clean eliminating water stains with emphasis on properly functioning faucets, toilets and cabinetry.
  4. Kitchens should be kept sparkling clean eliminating cluttered sink and countertops with emphasis on properly functioning faucets, light fixtures and cabinetry.
  5. Bedrooms should be kept clean and organized to showcase its maximum potential.
  6. Windows including window sills should all be washed.
  7. Curtains and drapes should be kept crisp and clean. 
  8. Closet should be filtered through and kept as spacious as possible.
  9. The fireplace and the surrounding area should be kept clean and clutter free.
  10. Dim lighted areas should be given higher wattage light bulbs to create a brighter environment.
  11. Strong odors definitely need to be prevented and eliminated whether pet or food related.
  12. A quiet environment should be created therefore eliminate noise from a television, radio and excessive people
  13. Ensure the areas that house your hot water heater and electrical panels are accessible.
  14. Pets should be brought out for a stroll or kept away entirely from potential buyers due to potential fear and allergy situations.
  15. Adding personal touches of decor accents to each individual room or common area is a welcomed addition to help persuade potential buyers.
  16. Remove and replace any fixtures not included with the house prior to potential buyers viewing your home.  This will eliminate any misunderstandings of what is included with the home.