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Feng Shui Your House

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has gained in popularity in the West in recent decades. Many homeowners seek out the wisdom of its teachings in order to create balance and harmony in their homes.

Feng Shui is about taking control of how our environment affects us. Different objects, arrangements of these objects, and even colors make all the difference for receiving positive energy.

The first word you should associate yourself with is Qi (pronounced chee). This is another word for life energy.

Homes are divided into nine sections where this Qi flows. Start by mentally standing at your front door and then visualizing a 3 by 3 grid laying over the whole of the house.

The top layer of the grid from upper left to upper right is as follows: Wealth and Prosperity, Fame and Recognition, Marriage and Relationships.

The middle layer of the grid from left to right is as follows: Health and Family, Life Force, Children and Creativity.

Finally, the lower level of the grid from bottom left to bottom right is: Knowledge and Self-Cultivation, Life Purpose and Career, Helpful People and Travel.

If you feel your life is lacking in one of these areas or needs some help, then be sure to pay careful attention to these particular zones.

If your bathroom is in your wealth corner, for example, then be sure you’re not "flushing away" opportunity. To balance this affect you can introduce eight stalks of bamboo to foster wealth and abundance and always keep the toilet seat closed!

Your kitchen in an integral part of your home. Consider what colors you use since they have strong affects on Qi.

In kitchens you should refrain from using red, black, or green as your dominate color. Instead choose shades of yellow, which is said to aid digestion. Kitchens are the source of our literal nourishment as people, so its doubly important that this room be well-balanced. Does your stove face you towards a wall? Consider hanging a mirror behind the stove so that you can see behind you.

Finally, to bring in extra life to this important room, introduce bowls of fresh fruit or some flowering houseplants.

Another important room is the bedroom. This is not a room to house a TV or exercise equipment, instead make it a relaxing and inviting space. Choose appropriate lighting for this space, such as lights on a dimmer or candles and pick soothing earthy colors just as beige or taupe.

Feng shui is a complicated study that includes many more intricacies that were discussed here. If you are interested in creating more balance in your home be sure to extend your study by checking out books and informative websites. Your home will thank you!





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