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BC Property Assessment Notice - 2011

The 2011 BC Property Assessment Notices has officially been released today for all British Columbians that own real estate.  It is extremely important to review your assessment to ensure you accept the current assessed market value for your property.  In the event any questions arise with the appraised value by BC Assessment you may contact them at 

Like most British Columbians especially in the Greater Vancouver Area you will have noticed an increase in property values since the previous assessment in 2010. Some figures to share:
  • Vancouver             - 12.17% increase.
  • West Vancouver     - 13.03% increase.
  • North Vancouver     - 8.84% increase.
  • Richmond              - 17.14% increase.
  • Burnaby                - 12.07% increase.
  • Surrey                    - 7.58% increase.
  • New Westminister    - 9.11% increase.
  • Coquitlam               - 9.12% increase.
  • Delta                      - 9.22% increase.
  • Langley Township     - 6.55% increase.
  • Whistler                  - 2.06 % decrease.
The biggest margin of increase is within the Richmond municipality which saw an increase of 17.14% due largely to the heavy migration of mainland China buyers and the rapid transit system (Canada Line) between Richmond and downtown Vancouver has bolstered community popularity. 



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